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RF Buche has been the President of GF Buche Company since 2000. GF Buche Company was established in 1905 in Lake Andes, SD by RF’s great-grandfather. He is a 4th generation grocer. RF has had the passion for the grocery business since he snuck out of the house at the age of four years old, in blizzard-like conditions, just to walk to the store to be at work with his dad. RF has been working in the stores at every level ever since.

RF Buche owns and operates both grocery and convenience stores in six locations in six different communities spread throughout South Dakota. His three grocery stores fly the flag of Buche Foods, located in Gregory, Mission and Wagner SD. The convenience stores, called Gus Stops are named after his great grandfather Gus Buche. They are located in Lake Andes, Mission, White River and Wagner. GF Buche Co. also has a pay at the pump location in Mission, SD named E24. The newest addition to the GF Buche Family is Buche's Bargain Butcher. The Buche Company employs 200 team members and is planning for more growth.

GF Buche Co. prides itself with great customer service and differentiation within the retail industry. RF credits both those key attributes to his dad and grandpa as they have been handed down in each generation. In 2010 Buche Foods went “green” and stopped sending out weekly flyers. And with the money saved, Buche Foods is able to offer Barn Burner Specials in their weekly ad.

In 1992, RF graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Black Hills State University in Spearfish, SD where he also played football for the Yellow Jackets. During his professional career, Buche has been involved with most of his location’s chamber of commerce and other community events. RF Buche currently serves on the board of directors for both the South Dakota Retailers and the National Grocers Association. He and his wife Tammi have four children named Molly, Shannon, Gus and Gracie. Gus is still quite young, but with having the founder’s namesake, RF is hoping he will be a 5th generation grocer.

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